• The story of Anikas Chihuahuas Bloodlines famous chihuahua teacup dogs, how the champion AKC Chihuahuas were made, and the Teacup Chihuahua bloodlines continued onward by founder Jacqui-Beth-Johnson since 1989, published world-wide with a top Chihuahua Specialty show winning record. Many famous Chihuahua kennels were included in the developement of this "Anika's" bloodline. Anikas Chihuahuas Bloodlines started with the famous "H and J" lines from: Mr.Jack Phariss,of Bryan,Texas, who is now an ALL-BREED AKC JUDGE. Purchasing
  • THREE beautiful animals out of his top winning "H and J" bloodline. His Chihuahua dogs were all descendents of the famous "Ch. H and J's Mystic Wizard", (aka "Rags"),who was a Chihuahua dog sired by the famous stud "Champion Dartan's Elfin Magic"(Elfin),shown by world-renowned breeder/owner/handler,and our icon and idol,Linda George, Quachitah Chihuahuas, and owned by Tanya and Darwin Delaney of the Dartan Bloodlines.
  • These three H and J Chihuahua dogs were comprized of: our Ch Anika_s Sassy Cha Cha Cha - who was a "Ch.H and J's Domino Duke"(Wizard son) daughter,"Anika's I'm Vicki TwoStep Of H and J", "Vicki", a "Ch.H amd J's Magic Maker"(Wizard son) daughter, and "Blue", Anika's Blue Magic Matrix of H 'J, a "Ch. H and J's Frosted Twist-L"(Wizard grandson) son):all three H and J's Chihuahua foundation stock were smooths but long coated sired. Each of these long coated sires were sons or grand son of "Ch. H and J's Mystic Wizard". On the dam's side of two of the H and J's,acquired, was Mivida's Tickled Delight,aka "Dee Dee". She was an excellent brood bitch and daughter of the top winning dog Ch. Jay N' Dot's Tickled Silly",aka "Silly".Ch. Jay N' Dot's Tickled Silly was a national specialty winning BOV(1978) dog,owned by Jay and Dot Clark of Flowery Branch Georgia. The Clarks were members of the CCA and finished 42 chihuahua champions, in their day. Tickled Silly was a fawn and white smooth coat, with awesome attitude, short of back, nice head, tailset etc. Taking progeny of this line from the original three H and J's ,(2 bitches,"Vicki" and "Cha Cha" and a male,"Blue"),produced a wealth of many strategic outcrosses to give birth to the "Anika's Chihuahua Bloodlines",of which there are many images for on the Internet.That's why you see the  name "Tickled" in many of my  show dog's AKC names.
    Smooth Coat Chihuahuas being dominant, our Anika's-Chihuahuas-Bloodline originated as a smoothcoat line of chihuahuas and within seven years began to produce longcoat chihuahuas with much line-breeding. The first litter(2 longs and a smooth) was actually bred by Mr.Jack Phariss (producing our first champion,whose name reflects the the lines of the H and J dogs."Ch. Anika_s Tickled Chip O' Magic",aka,"Gizmo". Naming a Chihuahua is very symbolic for
  • the show dog, especially if it is a bloodline of champions.
    Mr Phariss's breeding of Champion Gizmo's" litter that produced our Gizmo was a line breeding of "Ch. H and J's Mystic Wizard's" sons out of dams with RJR's, ST's and Pittore and Mi Vida's bloodlines). Much appreciation is owed to Mr. Jack Phariss who placed trust in us to carry these genes. Not with standing, there can be no shread of under-estimation of the role that the out crossed Chihuahua bitches we were blessed to own and their impact on our Chihuahua Bloodlines.
  • As a compliment to these three H and J's, Anika's was fortressed by four very nice foundation bitches. These prominent bitches (and thus the breeders who they came from) made hefty contributions to the "Anika-Chihuahuas Bloodline".
  • (1) A HANDWERK BRED BITCH,from Sharon Handwerk Johnson, daughter of Mrs. Hugh Handwerk, of Spring,Texas,"Handwerk's Swiss Miss D'Anika, a solid red long coat,free whelping bitch.
  • (2)A BELMURIZ BITCH("Am. Can. and Intl. Ch Belmuriz Royal Piper" DAUGHTER),from Carrie Murray of England,a very knowledgeable person in Chihuahuas and breeding."Anika_s Royal Cameo Keepsake",a solid fawn free whelping bitch. One litter, (Ch Arthur's) was seven in number at birth, free whelped......
  • (3)A FELIZ/FELICIA BRED BITCH,from my dearest mentor,Ms. Frances Bouyea of Amarillo,Texas, "Ch.Anika's Wee Sweet Giselle", (Ch. Gi Gi), a solid cream/champagne/color bisque fawn smooth coat bitch, with  a bunny rabbit texture to her fur, and beloved best friend. Words can't express enough about Mrs.Frances Bouyea, her "Chanson" Chihuahua Bloodlines and her gorgeous obedience trained Chihuahua dogs, and the oustnading love in my whole world, 
  • Ch. Gi Gi that was acquired back in 1989, from Frances Bouyea's Chanson's Chihuahuas,to found the "Anika-Chihuahuas" Bloodlines.
  • Ch Gi Gi was my constant companion.The Chihuahua Standard of "what a Chihuahua should be" was etched in my head by this beautiful animal.Champion Gi Gi was a pet-chihuahua first, and a show-chihuahua second, but boy what a show dog! In 2001 my heart completely broke when I lost her.
  • (4) A LINE BRED H AN J BITCH, "Vicki","Anika_s I'm Vicki Twostep Of H and J" acquired from the  famous Mr. Jack Phariss (Phareview) of Texas. Mr. Phariss has a long history of wins all over the Chihuahua show world. H and J Chihuahua bloodline lines, as well, continue to proliferate abundantly in the show ring, now renamed as "Phareview-Chihuahuas".....After breeding these three other Chihuahua bitches to
  • The H and J stud, Blue,above photo,further line breedings produced gorgeous dogs,doubling up on prominent show characteristics of the H and J's dogs: descibed by many as......
    "glamorous showmanship,movement and body style, impecable expression and presence, correct heads, eyes sets and tailsets, great rears and fronts. EVERYTHING in the same dogs! Over and over again!".
  • Thankyou so much Mr. Jack Phariss for your kindness and start with these Chihuahua-Bloodlines_Anika_s.
  • The Anika's Chihuahua Bloodline was reinforced by with the stamina of the HANDWERK LINES,(Mrs. Hugh Handwerk,another chihuahua-icon and bloodline originator) and the aristocrocy of the English BELMURIZ and DOLANDI(through the PARQUINS line of Texas) breeding behind Nikki and Ch. Gi Gi.
  • Our success of such planned line-breedings can be demonstrated by the example of our "Marco",the sire of three champion sons,"Ch. Jedi",{Ch. Anika_s Feliz Magic Jedi Man} ~ Best of Breed from first show in puppy short coats)"Ch. Aristocrat",(Ch Anika_s Feliz Magic Aristocrat~ Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club Specialty winner, beating out  Jedi Man, in the same show...} and "Ch. Arthur"{Ch Anika_s Feliz Magic Royal Arthur, Breed winner in Fort Meyers shows}.... All three were teacup-sized Chihuahuas, fawns, Champion Jedi Man was irish-marked-fawn-chihuahua...
  • Marco (their sire)was Champion Anika_s Wee Sweet Giselle's only son. Ch Gi Gi,his dam, decended from the English "Dolandi" lines, through "Ch. Herron's Feliz Aguinaldo", aka "Pogo". "Pogo" appears five times line bred in our Giselle's pedigree and traces directly to Dolandi Fitt-Savage dogs. Hence, whenever you find Marco in our dogs you see the prefix word:"Feliz Magic" or "Felicity" for the girls, referring to the original cross of "Anika's-Blue-Magic-Matrix-O-H'J" to our "Giselle". Ch.Gi-Gi was bred,only once, to an H and J stud, "BLUE",producing "Marco".  Since Marco was also an "H and J" outcross, when he was bred to the H and J bitch, Vicki, this produced a line breeding. More outcrosses evolved with complimemntary lines, from some particularly nice out cross studs. We also bred "Blue" to Our Ch. Anika's Sassy Cha Cha Cha, which produced Buttons, one of our top suds Ch. Anika's Blue Rythm N' Bounce, who was the sire to our top winning Champion Anika's Felicity Foxtrot, aka TIFANY. Tiffany was in many books, and featured in the book by Margaret Greening LIVING WITH A CHIHUAHUA.
  • Our first outcross stud service was to a champion who was a "Ch. Karma's Jedi Master" son. "Jedi Master" was a top winning dog and highly compatible with "H and J" lines. He was a dog we had dreamed to breed to. After many loving looks in Chihuahua magazines at his picture,the dream was soon realized,to breed my Ch-Anika's-Sassy-Cha-Cha-Cha to a Jedi-master son named Ch-Bailey's-Space-Cadet, after moving here to Florida. The bitch from the resulting litter,"Chassis",(Anika_s Sassy Chassis o' Jedi") when bred to "Marco", produced my beautiful "Ch. Anika's Feliz Magic Jedi Man".
  • At the point of this original writing, one of the main home-bred studs here, as well as "Champion Anika's Mystic Domino Effect",aka "Domino".Domino was a son of "Button's" our beautiful tri long coat..

     We actually bred to "Ch. Karma's Jedi Master", himself, hoping for more line breeding material, but did not get anything but a teacup females,which sold them as pets.

    Ch Anika's Mystic Domino Efftect-L", a specialty winner himself, is the sire of my famous Chihuahua, Cookie who is on the cover of Barron's Dog Bible, Chihuahua, 2009 edition, as well as the sire of Lacey("Anika's Mystic Royal Lace") one of my top brood bitches, and a few champion dogs in Canada...She is the dam to many blue-tri-longcoat-Chihuahuas in the anika-chihuahuas-bloodlines.... Ch Domino had a Champion brother "Ch Anika's Tickled Tazmanian", who was sold to Hi C Chihuahuas and "Taz" produced gorgeous  breeding/show pups for Sandi Clark, leaving another legacy of Anika's Chihuahua Bloodlines around the USA and  other  continenets...

  • The Handwerk bitch,"Missy", produced "Ch.Anika's Feliz Magic Aristocrat"(specialty winner) out of Ch Gi Gi's son,Marco. Ch Aristocrat was a classic fawn, very short body and very nice top line and movement, very compact..."Rist" had very dark luminous eyes... perfect bite and tail set, was a delight to show, animated and proud of hisself..
  • Missy was a top producing red fawn acquired from Sherri Handwerk Johnson. Missy also produced my "Squirrel","Anika's Felicity Fame T'Flaunt", a top Chihuahua brood bitch, who was a silver fawn and Squirrel threw creams and blue fawn Chihuahua show pups...
  • Ch. Feliz Magic Aristocrat,another chihuahua son,of Marco, is sire to many line-bred H and J girls here. Another of his daughters is the GORGEOUS "Champion Anika's Felicity Candy Ann-L",a very flashy black tri-colored Chihuahua long coat, who is probably the prettiest Chihuahua dog ever bred here in the  Anika's Chihuahuas Bloodlines.
  • Ch. Anika's Felicity Candy Ann-L  produced my lovely "Frederico", who is a blue sabled fawn over white and produces blue tri colored offspring...
  •  The Handwerk bitch,"Missy" was also bred twice to Champion Gizmo with extremely successful results. Missy produced another top producer, Missy's Handwerk Chihuahua heritage lives on without any dissapointments!
  • The Piper daughter, "Nikki",(Again a dog imported from England by none, other than,Linda George) daughter,"Anika's Royal Cameo Keepsake",was another foundation bitch acquired,who was also bred to Marco and produced "Ch Anika's Feliz Magic Royal Arthur".
  • "Ch Arthur's" pedigree is a total outcross in itself, but drew together,the "Dolandi" strain to the Belmuriz English strains with a touch of H and J(which also has an English line behind it.). Therefore,Ch. Arthur has several English strains in his genetics making him extremely well bred. These English outcross went exceptionally well when  crossed back to Ch Anika's wee sweet Giselle, Gi Gi's lines, picking up on the "Dolandi/Fitt-Savage" English lines behind Ch Gi Gi's pedigree, through the Parquin's imports in Texas...
  • Well it was never regretted getting these lines. A few years ago we were lucky enough to buy a Grafenhorst bitch("Beau Chiene" grandaughter)."Ch. Quatchitah's Beau Chiene" was the top producing son of "Ch. H and J's Mystic Wizard". "Anika's GoldiAnn D' Anika-L" would tie together the
    "H and J" with her "Beau Chiene" backround behind her. She has just had her first
    litter two girls(tiny teacup boy didn't make it). Boy these two girls are they dynamite!! All our dogs are a wonderful weaving of these strains to make typey correct and personality plus animals.
  • Three other outcross males, also, were incorporated into the line..
  • First from JC's, a blue tri male long coat was "JC Anika's Mystic Skywalker." Standing at stud in Illinois with a friend. He, as well, has produced five daughters all breeding size. This JC's "Blue" was also line bred to English and H and J stock, working well with the foundation started. One reason was  Blue went back to "Round Table" Chihuahua-Bloodlines. Blue was a solid color, huge round head, perfect bite,almost plain and alittle leggy, however leggy doesn't last when line bred. Blue was pretty enough to win  at the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club Specialty Show, guess Blue qualified to be a part of the Anika's Chihuahuas Bloodlines afterall..Blue was greatfully,acquired from the late great Collen Freeman and J. "Stokes" Smith, of "JC's CHihuahuas" Bloodlines. Blue
  • Next good fortune to acquire a GORGEOUS "Artmar" stud,"Texas",
    "Anika's Texas Connection-L",
    specialty major pointed, who won the TBCC Specialty Show the first time shown. Again English lines of "RoundTable" behind this Chihuahua's pedigree certainly didn't detract! ("Texas" was a real outcross having Duggers,English,Lyddons,Sykes many more in there behind the ARTMAR but also he was a line bred ARTMAR too). at the time of the original writing,* Texas was being handled in the state of Texas, with a friend.  
    Much appreciation goes out to "Marjorie Phelps of the ARTMAR bloodlines" who was a diehard Chihuahua bloodlineshow hobby breeder, producing over 35  chihuahua champions and many Chihuahua ROM dams...
  • Finally,another outcross Chihuahua stud, "Cash", a "Mivida" bred dog with Dartan Bloodlines, was added to this line.  Dartan Bloodlines was one of the greatest American Chihuahua bloodlines  I ever watched in the Chihuahua show ring, after Linda George's, "Quachitah Bloodlines". All three of these Chihuahua dog males(JC's "Blue",Artmars's "Texas" and MiVida's "Cash") had huge wonderful heads with very nice bites, out of each one, many blues and tri's and creams were produced...with many great chihuahua show results 
  • Now "Ch. Anika's Feliz Magic Royal Arthur" grandkids, out of our line-bred " H and J" line grand daughters,are on the scene,  and they sure are nice!! "Sylvia" is a new Chihuahua long coat baby my friend has in Port St Lucie Florida. Sylvia is the third blue tri long coat show quality pup for her free whelping dam Lacey. The Anika's Chihuahua breedings have been known for their blues and chocolate Chihuahuas and show-quality, gorgeous,even-tempered free-whelping Chihuahua dams.
  • This plan to breed the "Anika's Chihuahuas bloodline" was no accident!  (We were students of bloodlines from the start!) And my I quote:"Everything in moderation, including moderation." (Oscar Wilde ).
    Because as was once said Chihuahuas are like "Lay's potato chips", ya can't have just one.The Chihuahua breed has been a fascinating journey for me, ever year and genaeration, improving over the next!
  • Anika's sold a beautiful boy,"Anika's Mystic Elfin Bear-L",aka Bear, a few years ago and to date he has been used over 12 times by the breeder. He is and outcross out of the Artmar male,"Texas","Anika's Texas Connection" and our Anika's Chihuahuas Bloodline linebred H and J bloodlines bitch,"Ch.Anika's Mystic L'Que linda-L", Squeaky's dam was the original Handwerk Chihuahua bitch,we started with. Artmar's Chihuahua dogs crossed well to Handwerks Chihuahua dogs. Bear had his first son on the ground, "Walker", weaving a line breeding of both Handwerk and "H and J" together, even further. Walker is sire of my beautiful "Madison", "Anika's Tickled Mystic Madison" out of dam Emily a Squirrel daughter, another Anika Blue. Madison is featured in Chihuahua-Champions 1988-2004 book with her baby photo taken with her parents. Now she is a mother of her own.

  • Well this is a small synopsis* of our life in the wonderful world of Chihuahuas and what lines we bred in the past. Showing on a very limited basis, Anika's areover thirty Chihuahua champions strong,and from the bred by classes and alot at specialty shows wins within our reach." My greatest love of all times was my "Champion Anika's Wee Sweet Giselle", Gi Gi.It was once said there was an army of Anika's for the show ring!
  • My greatest sorrow was giving GiGi back to The Creator, when it was time. The only thing I know is she is still with me eternally,love lives on.
  • The pinnacle of the showing career was the acceptance of the AKC Bred By Medallion Award for my baby girl, "Ch Anika's Felicity Foxtrot", aka Ch Tiffany, who passed away a few years back at the ripe old age of 14 years.My heart broke once again... "Ch. Tiffany" was a Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club (TBCC) specialty winner and a bitch that could not be  beat in the show ring. Tiffany was a top producer and is the grand dam to the Chihuahua pups that are showing now,and tiffany was featured in the book, Living with A Chihuahua, by Margaret Greening, 2003,...
  • Now We have great-grandsons of Tiffany that look very promising... 
  •  And the legend continues.....
  • How did we make a plan such as ours? We read the book Planned Breeding, written by Lloyd Brackett applied some of his concepts to our program. Since the early 1960's we have been students of breeding dogs.If you were to talk among breeders of the German Shepherd Dog, it is inevitable that you will often hear the
    name “Brackett” dropped in the conversation.  "Let the sire of the sire become the grandsire on the dam's
    side" is the single most recognizable Brackett quotation.