Chihuahuas-Bloodlines-Anika-s,Retired Breeder discusses TEACUP-CHIHUAHUAS
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There are many websites that state  "There is no such thing as a Teacup-Chihuahua"! We are here to tell you there is such a thing and it is actually an urban legend created by competitive Internet breeders to say something doesn't exist when simply it does!
Why on earth do they spend so much time minding other people's business any how?
If someone wants to describe their Chihuahua as a TEACUP, Yes-They-Can! No one can tell you it doesn't exist  when in fact the term has been used for many years. We ought to know, aside from being a Chihuahua expert, we have owned a Chihuahuas since 1975! We have the smallest type of show Chihuahuas, but we focus on conformation!
Chihuahua-size is very important to us, in the Chihuahua-Breed it defines the "type" and an extra pound or two can be a "deal-breaker" in a Chihuahua's conformation. This is why the discussion and use of the word TEACUP is actually very improtant. Good breeders must hold sacred their chosen selections of mates in any breeding pair. Having a Teacup-Chihuahua male helps! Therefore, our male Chihuahuas are very small,usually under 5 pounds, this is done to keep all the dogs in the bloodline,on average,smaller than the large specimens that you might see in many dog show lines. Large Chihuahua-specimens can come right out of smaller parents. If one of dogs throws a small female it is not used for breeding so that the lines will continue to throw the smaller males only. This isn't always fail-safe! But we try. And we have male dogs going up to close to six pounds (not a teacup-sized Chihuahua),occaisionally in our program to  bring out or enhance certain traits we want in our dogs. Our pedigrees are  studied and restudied before a mating is planned.
This is Bandit weighing in at 2.5 pounds full grown adult weight(over 1.5 years old). The Teacup-Size is never detrmined by a puupy's size! Puppies grow! Bandit is not a puppy, he is an adult and has already sired a litter.
In order to know if you have a Teacup-Sized Chihuahua you must have the weight of the dog at over two years of age. We do not expect Bandit to get over 3 pounds. This is because they get their height by about one year, the  rest of his weight will come from his conditioning, worming, exercize, and type of diet. Of course we feed a diet that is  high quality so that his coat can come in nice.
This is the beautiful daughter that comes from Bandit. CoCo is in a show home, and we anxiously await CoCo to grow to a good show size between 4-6 pounds. If she ended up at 2-3 pounds, Co Co would have to be eliminated from showing and breeding because of her TEACUP-SIZE. CoCo looks very promising at this time. We expect her to be 4.5 pounds. Conditioning and health will also help determine her adult weight! Of course we do not want her to stay TEACUP-SIZE, because it would not benefit the bloodlines, then she would be classified as Pet-Quality-ONLY ans spayed!
This is why we take our time to breed only one a litter at a time, to evaluate it, then make decisions. We decide about our lines slowly with more than an educated  guess, we have expereince on our side and a champion-bloodline which spans over seven generations of gorgeous small typey chihuahuas. We have earned the right to use the word "TEACUP". Our advise to others is this: If someone is  telling you "Teacup" does not exist", maybe you should RUN from them! Ask yourself why they can't live their own lives, unless they are tearing down other people's lives! Many of those who have only owned a pet quality Chihuahua are the one's doing it! As far as professional show persons go many of them breed very large Chihuahuas. Some of those bloodlines are incompatible with certain pedigrees. And most Teacup Chihuahuas are not even in the show world because they are so small.